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watching the game with fans this afternoon. wayne? >> let me tell what you kind of day it was. one of the fan that's came in to watch the game in the public house today said what when she walked in she was 32 years old, walked out she felt she'd aged to 57. it was that kind of day, watching the game. let's take a look inside. the public house at at and p park usually opens at 8:00 p.m. there are no seats around, anxious crowds to see if giants could pull off a miracle and sweep cincinnati at home. quiet for five scoreless innings. i asked jennifer a question. >> is anyone going to score a run? >> i hope so. and then, they did.
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first of the six run fifth inning turning this place into bedlam. if you look at the people you thought they'd win the world series. there is an improbable series win after a weekend when some fans left them for dead, and gone. those giants woke up, gratefu grateful -- be grateful you're a fan and living here. fans say they don't live with torture, what you see here is the other side of it. >> it continued, you know? it continued when we walked outside. now, it's beginning to rain here. not that anyone is going to be bothered by it. we walked outside, horns were honking and people yelling and shouting. i hadn't seen anything like it since the giants did win the world series, baseball fever probably will catch you. ladies and gentlemen it's on. live outside at and t park, wayne freedman, abc 7 news.
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>> and it's spectacular, thank you. >> i put the orange shirt on when giants were up, i was ready to burn it in the 9th. i just was a little bit nervous. >> nerve wracking. >> yes. now all eyes to oakland. a's hoping to follow the giants lead into the league championship series. >> a's down two games to none. they have come back to force game five. we've got sky 7 over the coliseum right now. you can see the parking lot filling up. >> and abc 7's mike shumann is live outside of the ballpark beginning our a's coverage. >> game five as mentioned winner go home against detroit tonight. as a kid growing up, every professional athlete dreams of hitting that game-winning hit. maybe making a putt to win the master or watching a catch to make the super bowl. a couple guys last night live that had dream i was bedlam.
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coco chris with a game winning hit across home plate to give oakland an improbable win. a's trail going into the bottom of the 9th. the 15th walk off run of the year for a's and their victory. the win set up tonight winner take all game five, oakland started three rookie pitchers in this series. jared parker is one of them. and i caught up with him last night before he left and asked if he'll approach detroit differently in game five. >> you can see we're going to prepare. you know to do the things we've been doing last two days. that has been working. >> and i saw you in the dug out. are you thinking i might not get the pitch again? >> i don't think that is a thought. you know? i told them, i want one more, you know? one more, then, more, you know? we continue taking it one game at a time. it makes the team great. >> this is the biggest night
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of your career. >> i'll be all right. you noi? i think getting around early is what i do on game day. i get a good night's sleep. until then, to get around and you know try to treat it like every other start. >> and just like game one, justin burlander struck out 11. and mc hammer is throwing out the first pitch. let's hope parker's performance resembles the song mc had years ago, "can't touch this". >> mike shumann, too legit, too legit to quit. >> laura anthony is with a's fans now. >> they're ready to celebrate. >> all right, laura. >> and you've got a green jacket on. >> i got the green jacket. it's time to get the green out, you guys for tonight's game. besides being fifth game of the series big news this
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afternoon is a's announced whether due to pressure or supply and demand they will, in fact remove some of the tarps from the third deck. should the a's make it to the championship series. that is win tonight. if in fact tarps are taken off they're going to do only the west side, about 11,000 seats. projections say they can probably sell the tickets, they're not going to be necessarily cheap, they're going to be about $55 a piece, a sellout about 47,000 fans. tonight, they're expecting 37,000 and those fans hold toeld us they're ready to do it again. >> let's go oakland! >> with the way they walked off with a win, a's and fans are trying to do it again tonight. >> after last night there is no way that they can come back. do you know why? we don't quit. we just took it hard last
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night. >> great fun and excitement. this is oakland needed it. >> bay area fans coming out supporting a's and what we're doing. we're just one of the best stories in baseball. >> and respect oakland baseball, baby. >> not only are hats and shirts flying off the racks but with one game away from a possible championship, ticket sales are picking up for american league championship series. >> this is one of the best seasons ever. we've got greatest manager and coaching staff. greatest team. they're going to do it. >> and again this is a live picture folks starting to line up. they'll let them in in about 30 minutes for this all-important game five. important for folks to know that this is not the only game in town and the only game here tonight. the warriors are playing an exhibition against israeli team tonight. so... good portion of the parking lot going to be devoted to warriors, fans well
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advised to come out here early. larry? carolyn? >> thank you. it's going to be crowded out there. >> yes. it's likely going to be wet as well, sprinkles at the least. >> last night there was a rare thunderstorm rolling through the bay area. lighting up the night sky. shouldn't be an issue tonight. >> spencer chris chin is here with what we can expect. >> here is live doppler 7 hd. there is a long line of moisture reaching from sacramento valley down throughout the santa clara valley and into monterey. there is some light rainfall here, some light widely scattered showers. we don't have reports yet of any significant rainfall hitting the ground but there is some moisture evaporating in the atmosphere, there are light sprinkles and scattered showers in this path of moisture traveling down past gilroy region and into monterey bay area. on the peninsula, area of sprinkles right now. so no doubt rain drops hitting
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the ground. we had sprinkles here not long ago outside of the studio here, up into north bay, new area of moisture developing here. and it doesn't look like this amounts to much. what about conditions that a's tigers game tonight? coliseum game time, 6:30, temperatures into mid-50s, there is a chance of sprirkels or showers, we don't expect wet weather throughout the game. you can see that lightning going remain into the distance, should not affect the game. and i'll have more coming up later. >> thank you. >> and on to other news, family of a hayward girl missing 24 years waiting to learn if her remains have been found. >> she was nine years old when abducted and now, police are testing a bone found where the speed freak killers buried some victims. the family waiting for dna results to learn if that bone belongs to mikayla. >> if it is mikayla's it
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breaks my heart she's been in that place all of this time. >> results not expected back for several week. >> a southern california couple arrested in seattle while driving the car of a murdered hercules woman were due in jail today for a bail hearing. >> the two are accused of a west coast crime spree including a southern california jail break and a shooting of an l.a. county sheriff deputy. >> police arrested them yesterday driving the stolen car of suzy ko, a retired schoolteacher found stabbed to death friday. >> and five people injured in a multi vehicle accident on vasco road on east contra costa this morning. >> it happened around 7:00 between walnut boulevard and camino diablo. drivers forced to use alternative routes the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> 14 people dead and 170 sickened in a meningitis outbreak linked to tainted
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steroid injections. >> the cdc revised figures adding 33 more cases and two additional dentals. the tainted shots have been linked to a pharmacy in massachusetts. the cdc says as many as 14,000 people may have received the contaminated injections that could lead to fungal meningitis. health officials wanted -- contacted about 90% of the patients. >> ross mirkarimi won't be back on the job until monday but rumors of his recall are swarming around city hall. >> cornell brown shows us any effort will not be easy. >> less than 48 hours after ross mirkarimi got his job back come rumors of recall. >> it's another challenge we'll have to deal with. i hope i can continue to demonstrate why people elected me sheriff. >> on tuesday, four of 11 supervisors voted to reinstate mirkarimi.
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he was suspended following a new year's eve fight with his wife. the sheriff would plead guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence charges. supervisor kim voted to keep mirkarimi but now says recall. >> it's the right of the voters to support a recall. ross lost my vote in the future. >> the recall buzz started when this face book page went up, as of today, only 405 people like it. the person behind it promised to visit the election department today but officials say so far no recall inquiries it would need signatures from 10% of the registered voters in san francisco. about 48,000. that would fill a lot of boxes. the box koz stretch the length of this massive hallway. and beyond. >> this is involved in any recall process. >> in six years there have been fail add testimonies to recall supervisors jake mcgoldrick and sophie maxwell. not enough signatures could be
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gathered. domestic violence victims advocates are reluctant to support a recall yet but believe something needs to change. >> it's just make sense you'd have a convicked -- convicted domestic violence abuser leading the sheriff's department. >> in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 improving school test scores and the milestone reached for the very first time by california kids. >> you have a duty to make sure this doesn't happen. >> an emotional plea from victims of the san bruno pipeline tragedy. later in this newscast demands they're making to state regulators. >> at 4:12 let's check on traffic in the san francisco skyway. looks like a gloomy afternoon. traffic from left to right headed to the east bay, perhaps fans are heading to the a's game. first pitch at 6:37. going to be traffic for a
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while. better for folks heading towards the peninsula
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for the first time ever the majority of schools in california are meeting state achievement targets in reading and math. the target is 800 or above and 53% of state schools are there. we have the breakdown. >> 10 years ago, only 20% of california schools met the state a pismt target. just in 2012, the number is now 53%. the api stands for academic performance index. a score of 800 out of a
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thousand is where the state wants every school to be. it's been a long journey for hoover middle school in san jose. it's turned things around, and while it scored 698 on the api, today there is a third highest gains among middle schools in all of santa clara county. >> there are great level immediating -- meetings about individual student that may be falling behind and what we can do to give them support. >> here is nornl strategy used to boost to confidence. >> i want to you turn to your partner and ask them... >> it's called pair share. students speak out an idea before they do it in front of the class. >> the most number one fear is public speaking. students don't want to speak up in front of the class. when saying it to a partner first it's less scary. you've felt the sentence out of your mouth. >> state wide among elementary
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schools, api scores grew by seven points to 815. high schools by 11 points. and the biggest improvement was among middle schools. 14 points. the same true for san jose unified. four of the six middle schools had double digit gains. >> part of the benefit we're seeing in secondary schools is a preparation we've been doing to students and starting in kindergarten up to fifth grade. >> if you want to see how your school or district did we have a link on our web site abc 7 and click on see it on tv. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and you're going to hear about disney's new plans to follow customers and a possible shake up in u.s. telecommunications industry. >> nicole lapin joins us with today's after the bell report. >> good afternoon, larry and
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carolyn. u.s. wireless market may be in for a big shake up, sprint nextel admitting it's in talk was a japanese carrier south bank that wants to buy a stake in sprint, maybe 75%. this is a deal that would give japan's number three mobile company a way into the u.s. market and giving sprint much-needed financial support as it continues to battle at and t and verizon. the news comes just a day after sources told us sprint is holding off on a rival bid for metro pcs which agreed to combine a couple days ago with t-mobile usa. news of south bank talks sent sprint shares soaring up about 14%. and amd is cutting its third quarter revenue forecast predicting revenue will fall about 10%. more than 1% it had forecast. the company said weak demand across product lines due to broader economy.
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shares fell in after hours trading and amd results third-quarter results next week, google is reportedly expanding new york city offices. the search engine is poised to lease 94,000 more square feet of space over in chelsea market area across the street from google's current manhattan headquarters where it occupies 650,000 square feet. we've learned coca-cola is in talks to invest about $10 million in music streaming service spotify after coke reached a deal to add spotify to its marketing since april. they've been facing more competition from rivals like rdo. markets let's take a look at stocks barely budthing today. the s and d managed to eek up, jobless claims slid to a four-year low.
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your bloomberg silicon valley index closed lower, shares of apple and cisco krifing that down. you talked about this just a moment ago. how would you like snow white to greet your kids by their first name? disney asked for permission to use electronic wrist bands that track customers activity at its parks. this comes as disney is trying to look to new technologies to customize the park experience for all guests. so, kids and kids at heart like us. that is your bloomberg studios in san francisco, back to you guys. >> thank you. >> and time to turn to forecast. there are a lot of people, 37,000 of them want to know about it. >> i don't know if we're worried about showers as they are about getting tiger batters out and a's on base. looks like it's not going to be very wet if wet at all. here is a look at emeryville.
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we're taking sky 7 hd over the coliseum. even better, you can see the parking lot filling up and fans are arriving early. game time is what? around 6:30? >> 6:37. there you go. they're arriving early. can you blame them with excitement building now? let's take a look at weather conditions. live doppler 7 shows we've got cloudy skies around the bay area and there is a line of showers reaching from sacramento valley down through gilroy area down towards monterey. looks like some heavier activity developing now around salinas. and monterey. but most of the -- what we're looking at is just light widely scattered showers and sprinkles, much of the moisture in clouds appears to be evaporating before hitting the ground. sprinkles on the peninsula are not very wide spread. there san area of moisture developing in sonoma county. that doesn't mean we're going to be rain-free.
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showers and significant showers could continue to develop during evening hours, now, with mostly dry conditions we're looking at temperatures into upper 50s to low 60s but what about 24-hour change? it's cooler now than it was at this hour yesterday. across the bay area, 19 degrees cooler in santa rosa. 17 degrees cooler now in fairfield and concord than at this hour yesterday. four degrees cooler here in san francisco. on we go to forecast features cloudy tonight. morning clouds, afternoon sun, then, sunnier, warmer this weekend. there is a major warm up beginning. upper level low brought us this unsettled weather beginning to push into southern california now. counter clockwise circulation is wrapping moisture around that low. there are showers coming out of the different directions from east instead of west. scattered sprinkles likely into 5:00 tomorrow morning. to continue overnight, into the early morning hours could
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be wet spots tomorrow, but tomorrow, it will be dissipating to give way to sunny skies into afternoon. and then, continuing animation there is another system coming in from the north but it should remain to our north so saturday is looking like a mainly sunny day. warming begins. overnight, lows into low to mid-50s and then, tomorrow, still a cooler day. we should be drying out into afternoon. high temperatures into 60s tomorrow, and not many locations will hit 70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. warming begins on sunday. and we'll have summer-like warmth next week. it's not too late to win $49,000 from abc 7. these people are taking the chance, wayne d, susan t, michael have all entered through our face book page, winner announced after the 49ers game here next thursday, october 18th. you can enter, too. go to 7 news and click $49,000 button.
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that will take you to the form where you can enter your details. >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 welcome news for good morning america anchor robin roberts today
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a big milestone for "good
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morning america" host robin roberts. she recovers from a bone marrow transplant. >> plus, justin beiber is robbed. >> robin roberts returned home this morning. the gma host underwent a bone marrow transplant in september and has been in the hospital. she tweeted the news this morning saying there is no place like home, after 30 days in the hospital, i am home. praise god from whom all blessings flow, thank you and bless you. on to justin beiber saying he and his tour manager were robbed in washington state. the singer turned to twitter saying i have a lot of personal footage on that computer and camera. that bothers me the most. lame, no respect who. is the best nfl quarterback ever? the cast of "last resort" had fun and chimed in on the debate in character. >> you're insane.
4:28 pm
drew breeze is a rock star. >> message from ill i'll what does it say? >> tebow. >> and the pair roddy -- parody aired this week but you can catch it tonight at 8:00 here on abc and a daughter of a pop legend is engaged. find out who. i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> still to come vp candidate taking center stage. we'll preview the vice presidential debate. >> a san jose mayor with $100,000 campaign contribution. who got the money, now, who is crying foul. >> it's not a token amount.
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the one and only vice presidential debate is tonight. you can expect vice president joe biden to tout the latest jobs report. the labor department says first time unemployment claims fell to lowest levels in four and a half years. a total of 339,000 people applied for benefits last week. the figure has not been that low since february, 2008 before the president took office. abc 7 news joins us now with a preview of tonight's debate. mark? >> the experts say numbers you're talking about suggest
4:32 pm
that hiring is strong enough to lower the unemployment rate? it's going to come out four days before the election, that number will, tonight everybody's attention is being turned to kentucky. >> round two. this time it's number twos taking center stage. the race tightening the showdown between the vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan taking on more significance, mitt romney gained momentum. polls show the president has a slight edge in key battle ground states but romney has closed the gap, making the debate interesting. and both are very comfortable getting into specifics but experience on this type of stage couldn't be more different this, is yin's first national debate. one aide admitted he is nervous. yesterday he gave a preview of how he'll go after biden. >> what he can't run from is president ob yaum with's
4:33 pm
record. >> biden is expected to be more offense than defense, his aide says the vp will fire back at what he calls ryan's extreme positions on reforming medicare, president obama offered his advice. >> i think joe needs to be joe. joe understands what it means to scrap and you know, knows what it's like to see his dad lose a job. and when his, that heart and that story comes out, he's -- incredibly effective. >> abc 7's political analyst says biden needs to avoid the big mistake. >> i think the point is not to win the debate for biden but to avoid making mistakes and b, start the offensive that obama should have started on whether or not romney's move to the middle is credible. >> for example, push ryan on details about how he and mitt romney would accomplish
4:34 pm
revenue neutral tax cuts, mr. obama who is returning to washington from florida says he will watch tonight's debate on air force one. larry? >> thank you, mark. you can see the vice presidential debate between joe biden and paul ryan tonight at 6:00. after that, it's new drama "last resort" followed by "jep ti" and wheel of fortune" then at 10:00 a special presentation of "what would you do". >> the rift between san jose mayor and police and fire unions is growing. unions have been at war over the mayor with pay cuts and pension reform, now, they're accusing him of breaking the law. >> these are the campaign mailers you'd expect to see with elections just over three weeks away. but they've caught the eye of the police and fire unions. they say they're being financed by what they consider an illegal transfer of $100,000. >> i spoke with three
4:35 pm
different campaign raw attorneys and took them through the facts. all three of them said this is a clear violation of the law. >> so the unions filed a complaint with state fair political practices commission. the complaint singles out mayor chuck reid. they've been locking horns over a 10% pay cut and pension reform. >> i would hope they'd have enough integrity to say there has been a mistake. we did something wrong and need to stop what is going on. >> mayor reid man tains nothing illegal was done. >> a lot of transfers between committees is per missable. -- per missible. that is what was done. there is one committee to another he says there is a political agenda behind the complaint. yun yins -- unions looking to unseat rose herera. >> she's part of a thin council majority. if they take her out they figure they can control the
4:36 pm
council. that is what this is about. >> the unions shared a letter to council member herera urging her to respond. she told us she has not received it. one staff member told me that they review might not happen until after the election. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> 19 people facing felony burglary and vandalism charges after forcing their way into a building last night. this is video from yesterday that was live on the air, police in riot gear moved on that group taking over an empty store in castro street. the demonstration in support of world homeless action day. police say one female ankl ankle -- injured her ankle. >> and muni's central subway project just received a chunk of cash.
4:37 pm
local, state and federal officials on hand today announcing $942 million in grant money for the new subway. project leaders say it secures full funding for construction. >> it has an impact on every person coming to san francisco, especially those who live in san francisco. and makes a great difference in the lives of our friends in chinatown. >> the project continues to draw controversy. last year a grand jury found the design was inefficient and costly. yesterday, opponents filed suit to halt construction saying parts of the plan violate the city charter. >> we believe the construction of a station in union square on to parkland is a violation of the city charters. >> the subway will extend the underground service 1.6 miles and connect south of market with chinatown and scheduled to open in 2019. >> just ahead on abc 7 news at
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4:00 hormone found in obese people that could lead to a drug to make them thinner. >> looking at western sky, cloudy. dreary and in spots, wet, i'll show you where in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and this is the last thing folks want to see if heading from san francisco towards coliseum. it looks like an accident and there is a big truck on the car behind it. traffic is backed up. this is by 880 south after high street exit. going to be slow going coming from san francisco towards the co
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checking healthy living news, flu season is near and doctors making a push for pregnant women to get vaccinated against the disease, medical experts say expectant moms should not ab frayed of harming the baby with the shot. studies show pregnant women who get vaccinated against the flu pass along antibodies to protect the babies from the flu in the first few months of their lives. >> researchers at university of michigan believe a hormone related to obesity could be leading to the drugs to fight fat. a study found many obese people seem to have a resistance to it.
4:42 pm
by understanding how it's processed in the brain, scientists believe they can help overweight people. >> hair transplants are moving to the eye brow. some women are wishing for a thicker look. doctors have used hairs from a woman's head but the look didn't seem natural. now there is a new process letting them use from arms, legs or the naip of the neck. doctors say this makes for a nicer look above the eye. >> more resembles natural eye brow. >> surgeons must transplant each hair individually. it takes about two and a half hours. >> ouch. >> spencer christian rejoins us now. gloomy outside now. >> there is a time lapse view showing how gloomy it was over the bay this afternoon looking westward from our east bay camera. you can see there is no let up of the cloud cover.
4:43 pm
now, as we look we're beginning to see this little area of moisture becoming more energetic. there are sprinkles and light showers outside of the studio here abc 7 and over other parts of san francisco reaching down to south san francisco and peninsula. there is a wider area and a wider path of showers and sprinkles around san jose reaching into santa cruz mountains and morgan hill out towards monterey. so weather becoming more active now. tomorrow, we can expect a sunnier and drier day state wide, southern california will see showers, bay area tomorrow, clouds in the morning giving way to partly sunny skies. and in the morning hours we can have lingering showers. we do suspect to dry out into afternoon. cooler high temperatures into 60s tomorrow, we don't expect anyone to hit 70s so it's going to be a cool, unusual day for mid october. there is a big warm up coming this weekend. >> yeah. thank you. >> still to come on abc 7 news
4:44 pm
at 4:00 tattoo safety. >> michael finney with tips on what you need to know before getting inked up. >> i'm cheryl jennings, coming up at 5:00 stroke victims getting younger, we'll take a look at leading reasons behind this dangerous new health trend. and scientists may have found brightest star in the universe. a new planet with diamonds.
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more than one in five adults in the u.s. has a tattoo but recent outbreaks of tattoo-related infections are cause for concern. >> there is michael finno with important safety advice. >> tattoos are more than just a fashion accessory. unlike latest boots or hat if not done correctly, they can lead to a lifetime of problems. >> david beckham flaunts his tattoos in his commercial. and fan web sites for celebrities like justin beiber devoted to tattoos and what they mean, big or small, tattoos are now main stream. >> these days everybody comes in to get tattooed. i at that time you'd a hedge fund manager it dispose health risks. the cdc issued a report on
4:48 pm
tattoo-related skin infections in several states caused by contaminated ink. and consumer reports medical advisor says concerns go beyond skin infections. >> many areas tattoo shops are unregulated. so infection prevention practices can vary creating a risk for hiv and hepatitis. >> but there are way tz reduce risks. >> a surprised by how many patients tell me they were intoxicated when they got their tattoos. keep a clear head. never drink before you ink. >> and katie perry's one that got away video showcases another don't. homemade tattoos. instead find an experienced tattoo artist, check if the artist uses individually packaged kits with disposeable needles and tubes and that they wear sterile gloves and
4:49 pm
remember, tattoos aren't easily removed. >> you don't want to be stuck with something you're going to regret. >> and call your county public health department and check out licensing of the tattoo artists. consumer reports advises if you see a sign of rash or infection consult a doctor right away. >> thanks michael. >> a woman who know what's is cool before it's cool is the newest member of the team here. >> cheryl lazar hosts the show "what is trending". >> and huffington post says she's one of the women in tech to follow on twitter, she's here with a lock at what is trending online. >> thanks. a look at today's hottest you tube videos. there is a young girl giving some stage advice to your younger brother. >> when mom and dad say don't
4:50 pm
do that, you don't do that. you don't sit. think about it. just think about it. >> that little lady is wise beyond her years, up next another remix of the presidential debates, this time, it shows us what would have happened with a more aggressive moderator. >> okay. all right? we're being silent. [ silence ]. >> i support is no change. >> quickly. >> for current retirees and near retiree. >> what are the differences between two of you? >> look. look. >> silent. >> you go, jim lehr and screen junkies sat down for the film "seven psychopaths" from a
4:51 pm
reading from that show we love, honey booboo. >> i want butter, sketti. butter and ketchup. you put butter over the ketchup. melt it. it's pretty good. >> and someone lend christopher watkins some go go juice. >> just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 stern message
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victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion lashed out at state regulators today. >> they criticized cpuc president for supporting a delay in penalty hearings against pg&e. >> here is abc 7 news with the story its been more than two years since the san bruno pipeline explosion.
4:55 pm
there have been a number of investigations. and reports from a variety of agencies. some victims have settled civil suits, others scheduled to go to trial in january. but the cpuc has not yet decided how much they should be fined for violations related to the accident. cross examination of pg&e witnesses in those penalty hearings was supposed to happen this week but that is now delayed. possibly cancelled altogether to conten vait administrate on a -- concentrate on a settlement instead. >> after learning about this week, where the hearings have been pulled from the public eye, it makes me sick. >> renee's daughter was killed in the fire. >> going behind closed doors is not acceptable. >> commission president michael peavy blasted back. >> i do think that all of you connected to hear about san bruno are deserving of a comment by me. i'm going to give it to you
4:56 pm
now. >> he says he thinks the delay have been misunderstanding and facts have come out in a damning report and a proposed settlement would have a public hearing. >> justice might be done in this case six months sooner than it would be otherwise. then, engineers and safety professionals in hearing rooms now consumed with this can go back into the field and focus on safety. >> morales would rather have cross examination. >> part of the healing process is seeing justice. and having everything, information, all information, up front. so that we all can make our own determination. >> a judge will decide whether to resume hearings immediately or let pg&e and cpuc focus on penalty settlement talks instead. >> and an oil sheen found near the site of the bp spill in
4:57 pm
mexico matches oil from the 2010 disaster. >> the coast guard says tests stished the oil did come from the bp well. it could be debris from the calamity. >> the coast guard says bp may be held liable for the new oil. the sheen first reported september 16th and does not pose a risk to the shore line but cannot be cleaned up if it seems like traffic is grinding to a halt, that is not an illusion, people. >> according to a latest congestion index, san francisco is now the second most congested u.s. city up from number five. get this, only los angeles is worse. >> yike. >> navigation systems maker found average travel times are 29% longer during peak commute periods. and some other findings for each hour on the road during rush hour, 34 minutes is caused by delays. >> you should avoid driving on thursdays, that is the
4:58 pm
most-congested day here in the bay area. >> which would be... today. >> right now. yes. >> and look at the bridge behind us. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> giants fans go wild. the team pulls off another win to advance to national league playoff championship series. >> i'm spencer christian in the accu-weather forecast center. showers in the bay area. i'll show where they're falling in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> also, how remains of one family's child could bring answers to a bay area family that has been looking for since their daughter disappeared 24 hours ago. >> there is a big reason to celebrate today.
4:59 pm
the team pulls off a do or die situation. >> the a's lining up for game five scenario and throwing a football of all things. that game gets underway in the next half hour. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. another spectacular game. the gins now advance to national league championship. >> so exciting. there is larry beil now and there is a is a nothing like popping bubbley after a playoff series win. this is sweet for giants. they were seemingly dead after losing first two games for reds. giants won three straight in cincinnati and captured gave five this afternoon. hunter pence, pitchers dual early and jay bruce, one of the five strike out victims. there is

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